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Ballerina cervena1
from 84,33 € excl. VAT
from 102,04 €

Carmen is that one friend we all know and love. She’s with us through thick and thin. Her crimson elegance and beauty issure to attract the likes of Don Jose. She’ll dance with...

Ballerina cerna1
from 84,33 € excl. VAT
from 102,04 €

Are you looking for versatile Ballet Flats that are suitable for any occasion? Then look no further! This is the right shoefor you! Easily foldable to fi t into any bag, they...

Ballerina seda1
from 84,33 € excl. VAT
from 102,04 €

The fifty-first shade of gray - these elegantly colored fl ats will complement any outfi t and make you the star of your datewith Mr. Perfect. Wear these beauties out on a...

Ballerina modra1
from 84,33 € excl. VAT
from 102,04 €

Ciao Bella! Do you enjoy the crisp blue of the sky above, accentuated by the clear azure of the ocean below? We’vedesigned these beautifully blue ballet fl ats to remind you of...


About us

Ayllu is a word from the Inca language expressing community or family. Aylla shoes deviate from the mainstream of ordinary shoes, their mission is to return the feet to their natural shape and the joy of movement.

"During creating them, we went to the very beginning, to healthy and natural walking.The shape of the foot and the need to feel the surface are the most important factors for us."

John, the owner

"Each shoe goes through the hands of many skilled seamstresses and shoemakers in a small workshop in eastern Bohemia. We devote maximum love and attention to development, design, and production. We choose the highest quality materials and production partners.”

Ales, the owner

We see shoes as an important part of each of us, which is why it is so important to us how they look and serve us. They help people straighten up, help with knee and hip pain, and develop mental strength and stability.


And what is your Aylla story?

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